Once we met gigabit mark there was no speed progress for end users desktops in enterprise environment. While Data Centers and Service Providers adopted 10G technology and beyond.

It’s caused by several factors:

  • there is no point to go over gigabit since it’s already good enough to support such bandwidth-hungry applications as rich multimedia, let’s leave alone VoIP and Surveillance;
  • there is no 10G PoE standard at this moment to power phones, access points and security cameras over an UTP cable remotely;
  • wide adoption of cloud and web application ideology ensured that all data is being worked on distant servers without the need to transfer it back and forth;
  • and last but not least – it’s quite costly to update your cable infrastructure to support 10G speed as it requires, at least, Cat6 UTP cable and still probably won’t meet desired range between workstation and closet.
UTP Cable 5e 6 6a 7
IEEE 10G Spec n/a 55m 100m 100m

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